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A stay in Lucca is the perfect excuse to get out and explore Tuscany and its many, beautiful landscapes. The hills of Chianti, the shadow of the Leaning Tower, the treasures of Florence. Come and ask us at reception and we’ll help you find the right trip in the Tuscany beyond our walls.

Terme di Montecatini

30 km

If you’d like a full day of relaxation, there’s no better place than the thermal baths at Montecatini, just 20 minutes from Lucca. The facilities allow you to enjoy the precious hot waters from deep in the ground, which are rich in mineral salts and other goodness for the whole body.

The Wine and Oil Road of Montecarlo

20 km

Montecarlo is a charming medieval village near Lucca, and the starting point of the Wine and Oil Road which winds its way through the Lucca countryside, letting you try the best local tastes from local farms and vineyards.

Marble quarries of Carrara

50 km

There can be few places as evocative as this: the ancient clear and lunar rocky slopes where the famous Carrara marble is still extracted today. This is an unforgettable place to visit, especially when you remember that Michelangelo took the raw material from here for his masterpieces.

Cinque Terre

85 km

Nothing can compare to the sea at Cinque Terre. But there are also the fascinating villages to explore, which make up the National Park: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso. Five real pearls to visit, photograph and remember.

Chianti and San Gimignano

100 km

San Gimignano is right in the heart of Chianti, one of the most famous destinations in Italy for food, excellent wine and its delightful landscapes – the freshly-ploughed hillsides and vines stretching to the horizon. Indulge all your senses by taking a food- and wine-tasting tour.


17 km

That iconic symbol of Italy, the Leaning Tower, is just 25 minutes from Lucca. The lively riverfront and Piazza dei Miracoli are other good reasons to spend at least one full day in this fascinating Tuscan city.


35 km

The fashionable center of Forte dei Marmi, the sunny beaches of Viareggio, the beauty of Torre del Lago: the Versilia coast is well within reach. Enjoy a day at the beach or a walk along the many boutiques of these renowned Italian destinations.


75 km

In just one hour you can get to the capital of Tuscan culture and explore the streets, piazzas and museums of Renaissance art: the Piazza del Duomo, Piazza Signoria, Uffizi galleries, Ponte Vecchio and so much more.

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